• By the Stars, Wind & Ocean Currents

    30 November to 21 December 2019 (Closed for New Year Holidays. Re-opening 23 January, exhibition continues to 1 Feb 2020)

Art Year 2018 in Review — December 2018

Thank you for your support throughout 2018. January by appointment.

Sydney We Need to Talk, opening Thursday 7 February 2019 at 6pm http://crossart.com.au/next

'Old Fashioned' by Leah Flanagan

Moon Cube Design

Old Wave Brings Empty Shells
Minstrel Kuik, Curated by Jasmin Stephens

Old Wave, 2015, mixed media, original unlit version, 160 x 110 cm

Minstrel Kuik and exhibition curator Jasmin Stephens in conversation.

Open Cut: Jacky Green, Sean Kerins, Therese Ritchie

Jack Green, Yee-haw, Money trucks, 2017.

Open Cut: Jacky Green, Therese Ritchie and Seán Kerins
Special guests: artist colleagues, Stewart Hoosan (Garrwa) and Nancy McDinny (Yanyuwa) with portraits by Therese Ritchie.

Riot! / Candles in the Cross: The first Mardi Gras, 40 Years On

Kings Cross. The crowd arrives at the El Alamein Fountain.
© Branco Gaica photographer

Video footage: Mother Inferior of Perpetual Indulgence led a candle ceremony at Candles in The Cross in memory of the 53 people arrested by the police in Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross during a gay rights march on the evening of 24 June 1978. Presented by Kings Cross Arts & Culture Festival with the screening of the ABC telemovie RIOT in the Wayside Chapel.

Obsolete? Artist, Object, Small Museum — Exhibition Tour
The Relational Museum & its Objects
to H.R. Gallop Gallery, Wagga Wagga /WPCC

Obsolete? Artist, Object, Small Museum Nicole Barakat, Aleshia Lonsdale & Fiona MacDonald. Installation photo James Farley

Nicole Barakat, We transcend time and place, 2017. Hand cut found paper. Shapes cut from the shadows of objects from Le banon, Syria & Palestine held in collections at the Louvre and British Museums and the Nicholson Museum at Sydney University. Installation photo James Farley

Karrang Kunred / Mother-Land: Susan Marawarr, Jennifer Wurrkidj & Deborah Wurrkidj. Presented by Maningrida Arts
& Culture and Babbarra Women’s Centre.

Video footage: Artists Janet Marawarr, Susan Wurrkitj and Jennier Wurrkitj
open the Karrang Kunred / Mother-Land.

A Widening Gap: The Intervention,
10 Years On: Counihan Gallery In Brunswick

Chips Mackinolty ... Treaty Where? (above) and Jason Wing, Biripi Nation suite.
Installation view, A Widening Gap: A Widening Gap: The Intervention 10 Years On, Counihan Gallery Melbourne. Photography Janelle Low.

Artists: Anon (Young Artist in Don Dale Juvenile Detention Facility) with
Printer Franck Gohier | Alison Alder | Nick Bland Margaret Boko | Miriam Charlie | Brenda L. Croft | David Frank | Iltja Ntjarra / Many Hands Art Centre
(Benita Clements, Mervyn Rubuntja, Reinhold Inkamala, Vanessa Inkamala Gloria Pannka, Betty Naparula Wheeler) | Fiona Macdonald with Intervention Rollback Action Group Alice Springs | Chips Mackinolty | Stics (Stop The Intervention
Collective Sydney) | Teena Mccarthy | Sally M. Mulda |
Open Cut (Jacky Green, Sean Kerins And Therese Ritchie) | Jason Wing

Peggy Griffiths & Jan Griffiths: Counter Forces

Jan Griffiths, Wind Plate, 40x3cm, Porcelain, sgraffito
and underglaze decoration, glaze (5768-18)

Counter Forces, installation view. Photo by Silversalt Photography

Abuzz: Jacqueline Rose with words by Johanna Featherstone

Jacqueline Rose, Enigmagnetic #2, Ink and collage on paper, 56 x 76 cm

Jacqueline Rose: Monumental #2, 65 x 50 cm, Monumental #1, 56 x 76 cm,
Convergent, 51 x 65 cm. All Ink and collage on paper.
Installation view The Cross Art Projects

Matriarchs: Motherlines of the Yolgnu and Tiwi Islands

Raelene Kerinauia, Fresh Water, Salt Water,
natural ochres on stringy bark, 140 x 68 cm (252-14)

Opening conversation, Will Stubbs, co-ordinator Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Centre and Nongirrnga Marawili, artist