• Dhomala Dhäwu: Makassan Sail Stories

    4 September to 2 October 2021

Dhomala Dhäwu: Makassan Sail Stories

Date: 4 September to 2 October 2021
Artists: Ipeh Nur & Margaret Rarru Garrawurra

Presented in collaboration with Milingimbi Art and Culture

The exhibition Dhomola / Makassan Sail Story crosses the centuries of contact between sea-farers and traders of the great Indonesian archipelago and saltwater people of northern Aboriginal nations. Dhomala is a Djambarpuyŋu word adapted from the Makassan word Dumala, both of which have the dual meaning of sail and cloth. Drawing on research describing Makassan voyages, the exhibition presents a poetic dimension of cultural contact between great civilisations. The focus is on maritime heritage, specifically wooden boat building and sea-farers’ customs. Through the intimate and reflective work of weaving and drawing Ipeh Nur and Margaret Rarru revise and revisit ancient practices—many still in use today—using startling contemporary forms.