• Savour Labour

    1 May to 5 June 2021

Savour Labour

The Brick Veneer Belvedere

The Cross Arts Projects Saturday 1 May to 5 June 2021

Collective-in-Conversation, Wednesday 5 May at 6pm

Peter Lonergan, architect, with Gary Carsley, Renjie Teoh and Neale Towart

Savour Labour is a new, multi-perspectival spatial environment or Hebi-tat by the collective known as The Arthitects. Comprising artist Gary Carsley and architect Renjie Teoh The Arthitects was initialised as an open forum in which individuals can come together to contest unsustainable hierarchies of power across the domains of art and architecture, capital and life. Savour Labour, their second Hebi-tat, developed around selected objects from the unique Trades Hall collection in Sydney and frames a collection of organised labour’s ritual and ceremonial artefacts specific to the late nineteenth century Trades Hall and its current and former occupants. Savour Labour is accompanied by a soundscape from composer Louise Loh and a plurality of contextualising wall notes by writer, broadcaster and sound artist Daniel Browning and, the fanners of the flames of intergenerational memory, Bill Pirie and Neale Towart heritage officers and archivists at Trades Hall. Savour Labour also includes several new sculptures and a shaped picture window as reference points. Savour Labour is an ongoing public artwork built brick by brick in two-stages over the duration of the exhibition — a performance of concentrated and skilled labour.