Art Year 2017 in Review — December 2017

The Cross Art Projects thanks you for your ongoing support and friendship in 2017. The year’s finale was Báb-barra: Women Printing Culture, a bold and elegant textile exhibition celebrating the lives of the women at Maningrida in the Top End. We are pleased to report that the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) acquired textile artworks from Bábbarra Women’s Centre.

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Future Feminist Archive (FFA) is an ongoing archive, addressing strategies of recovering lost information, promoting the legacies of local feminist art activists and building a solid platform for the future. 

Contemporary Art and Feminism is an independent platform for art, scholarship and activism. Contemporary Art and Feminism has links to the Contemporary Art and Feminism Research Cluster at Sydney College of the Arts, SLAM (Department of Art History), and the Power Institute at Sydney University. It responds to the groundswell of interest in Feminism’s role in the development of contemporary art, specifically art-making and analysis.

XAP 2017 Exhibitions & Projects

In/Visibility: Mini Graff exhibition and residency. Special guests Garage Graphix /
water objects – echoes: Louise Boscacci and Toni Warburton /
Sediments: Karen Mills and Sarah Pirrie /
This Woman is Not a Car: Margaret Dodd. Curated by Susan Charlton /
A Widening Gap: The Intervention, 10 Years On. Curated by Jo Holder & Djon Mundine /
Obsolete? Artist, Object, Small Museum. Nicole Barakat, Aleshia Lonsdale and Fiona MacDonald. Special guests Matt Poll and Lyndall Ryan /
Art of Memory, Fish and Crabs: Jacqueline Gribbin and Galuma Maymuru. Special guest Mark McGrouther, Ichthyology, Australian Museum /
Bab-barra. Women Printing Culture. Special guest Claire Summers, Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair

Artist in Residence 2018: Minstrel Kuik working with curator Jasmin Stephens. 27 January to 10 February.