Art Year 2016 in Review - December 2016

The Cross Art Projects thanks the fabulous artists, curators, friends and art comrades for creating a rewarding year. Thanks to for your support and generosity. We look forward to seeing you in 2017.

We in Summer Recess until 28 February. To welcome 2017, we open with Mini Graff’s interviews on Public Art, the first on Saturday 4 February at 3 pm and Sydney East Art Walk.



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Future Feminist Archive (FFA) is an ongoing archive, addressing strategies of recovering lost information, promoting the legacies of local feminist art activists and building a solid platform for the future.

Contemporary Art and Feminism is an independent platform for art, scholarship and activism. Contemporary Art and Feminism has links to the Contemporary Art and Feminism Research Cluster at Sydney College of the Arts, SLAM (Department of Art History), and the Power Institute at Sydney University. It responds to the groundswell of interest in Feminism’s role in the development of contemporary art, specifically art-making and analysis.



XAP 2016 Exhibitions & Projects

Tiwi Mamirnikuwi Jilamara / Tiwi Women Painting: Kaye Brown, Josephine Burak, Dymphna Kerinauia, Raelene Kerinauia, Nicola Miller Mungatopi, Janice Murray, Natalie Puantulura, Nina (Ludwina) Puruntatameri, Cornelia Tipuamantumirri and Susan Wanji Wanji / SafARI: Catherine Clayton-Smith, Angela Garrick, Megan Hales, Jana Hawkins-Andersen, Eloise Kirk, Akira and Nathan Lasker, Emily O’Connor. Curator Louise Dibben / Future Feminist Archive Report: Alison Alder, Louise Kate Anderson, Mini Graff, Deborah Kelly, Leonie Lane and Jan Davis (Country Women Artists, Northern Rivers Chapter), Fiona MacDonald, Raquel Ormella, Elvis Richardson and Lynette Riley. Curator Jo Holder / Chips Mackinolty, La ricchizza di la terra / La ricchezza della terra / The wealth of the land / Raquel Ormella, Artists as Cartoonists, or Extended Black and White. Curator Jasmin Stephens / crosseXions: James Barth, Clark Beaumont, Katina Davidson, Dana Lawrie, Julie-Anne Milinski, Clare Poppi, Merri Randell, Leena Riethmuller, Camille Serisier, Lynden Stone, Shayna Wells. Curator Beth Jackson / Zero Metres Above Sea Level: Marrnyula Munungurr, Rerrkirrwana Munungurr, Judy Watson / Social Licence. Flow of Voices 3: Jack Green, Stuart Hoosan, Nancy McDinny with Miriam Charlie/  Ground Up: Warmun Artists’ Fundraiser for Warmun community, WA.