Film Screening by Alex Martinis Roe. Curator Jasmin Stephens — 7 February 2015


It was an unusual way of doing politics: there were friendships, loves, gossip, tears, flowers…, film still, 2014


Alex is in Australia continuing her work on a film series exploring a genealogy of feminist collectives and networks in Europe and Australia, which affirm sexual difference as a way to create a new social order, rather than seeking to attain 'equality' within the existing system. Alex’s first film, A story from Circolo della rosa (2014), which was filmed in association with the Milan Women’s Bookstore Collective, was shown at UTS Gallery last year in the exhibition Jasmin curated, far and wide: Narrative into Idea.


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About the film, It was an unusual way of doing politics: there were friendships, loves, gossip, tears, flowers …

Two mother tongues. Two ways to tell a story. What happened at the week-long meeting in 1972 of Psychanalyse et Politique (which formed within the French Women’s Liberation Movement in 1968 in Paris) and to some of the women who went on to found the Milan Women’s Bookstore Collective? This encounter gave rise to a series of practices that continue to distinguish the Italian and French movements. This two-channel film brings a number of voices together to explore a genealogy of political practices that together build a particular culture of gathering. (Alex Martinis Roe)


About Alex Martinis Roe

Since 2009 Alex has lived and worked at Kunsthaus KuLe in Berlin. She is currently a fellow of the Graduate School for the Arts and Sciences at the University of the Arts, Berlin, funded by the Einstein Foundation. Recent exhibitions/events include: Their desire rang through the halls and into the tower, commissioned by Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory, Utrecht, and part of If I Can’t Dance’s Performance Days, Amsterdam (solo, 2014); Once I wrote the story of her life, because by then I knew it by heart, Rongwrong, Amsterdam (solo, 2014); Manifestos Show: Act I, Inessential fathers, Archive Kabinett and Berlin Art Week, Berlin (2014); and Affirmative Practices, organised and hosted by Alex at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (2014).



Article: ‘An unusual way of doing politics: Alex Martinis Roe’ by Macushla Robinson - or download as pdf
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