Saturday 30 October 2010 at 3pm
Opened by Warwick Heywood, Curator of Art, Australian War Memorial
& talk by Phil Glendenning, director Edmund Rice Centre

About the exhibition
The Haunted Lotus: Artists from the Institute for Afghan Arts and Architecture, Kabul, curated by Khadim Ali, meditate on modernity and tradition, beauty and the bleakness of  ‘permanent war’.
Ali hopes 'The project conveys to those of us in the West, the reality of life in Afghanistan'. Represented here are the 'bare life' aesthetics of those struggling to rebuild. The medium is modern interpretations of the two genres that historically define the region — calligraphy and miniature painting.

Khadim Ali and colleague Ali Baba Aworang teach in Kabul for the Emerald Mountain reconstruction project and its new Institute of Afghan Arts whose graduates include Sher Ali Hussainy.
Phil Glendenning will talk on current human rights and refugee issues as Human Rights Watch says Afghanistan is now a more dangerous country especially for women and Hazara people, a Shi'a minority. Glendenning’s documentary film A Well-Grounded Fear, revealing what happens to rejected Afghans at the hands of the Taliban, was screened on SBS TV in November 2008.