Tour of Trades Hall Banner Collection with art historian Dr Ann Stephen, co-author of Badges of Labour, Banners of Pride (Powerhouse Museum, 1986), Neale Towart, Trades Hall librarian and heritage expert, and conservator Karen Coote on 3 August 2013. Thanks to Chips Mackinolty for Social Fabric, the contemporary banner installation. Thanks also to the floor contributions from the assembled artists, curators and unionists and materials history experts. Artists featured are the Tuttle Studio (England), Althouse and Geiger, and the celebrated banner painted by Perth modernist Harald Vike for the Liquor Trades.

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Ann Stephen with the Tuttle baner, the only silk banner in Australia
Dr Ann Stephen with the item checklist for Badges of Labour, Banners of Pride at Powerhouse Museum, 1986
6-Hour Day Committee banner, Trades Hall




Karen Coote speaking on conserving Australia's only silk banner.