Lynn Turnbull, co-convenor REDWatch; Stacey Miers, town planner and convenor Residents of Woolloomooloo; Squatspace and others moderated by curator Jo Holder. A conversation on the vestiges and spin surrounding Sydney’s so-called ‘riots’ and art Sydney’s history of change and struggle architecture and urban planning.


[1] Read, Glen Searle, ‘The Redfern-Waterloo Authority: Sydney’s Continuing Use of Development Corporations as a Primary Mode Of Urban Governance’, paper 2004.
Reviews the NSW government’s use of urban development corporations since the 1960s as an exemplar of the ‘new state spaces’. This is compared to their lessening use in other areas such as the UK.
View here (PDF)

[2] Shirley Fitzgerald, City Historian for the City of Sydney, ‘History you must be joking’, annual lecture of the History Council of NSW
View here (PDF)

[3] Exhibition: Strangely Familiar (Fiona MacDonald and Fiona Hall curated by Ricky Subritzky), UTS Gallery, 2006. Art Works
View here (PDF)

Artist's Links

Mervyn Bishop

Ricardo Felipe

Ruark Lewis

Exhibition: Banalities for the Perfect House, Slot façade, Redfern, Sydney, 2007.

MacDonald & Subritzky
Exhibition Spin and Fold at Daneyal Mahmood Gallery and Pace University Gallery New York, 2007
Exhibition: Dreamhome, (Fiona MacDonald and Susan Norrie curated by Ricky Subritzky) Gfineart, Washington, DC , 2006
Exhibition: Strangely Familiar (Fiona MacDonald and Fiona Hall curated by Ricky Subritzky), UTS Gallery, 2006. Strangely Familiar Art Works (pdf, 3.8mb)

Paul Wrigley

Adrian Wills

Community groups, organisations & related exhibitions:

Minto Resident Action Group

REDWatch-Redfern Eveleigh Darlington Waterloo Watch

Community Breakdown: Breaking down The Gordon Estate in Dubbo
ABC National, Street Stories, 1 April 2007
Street Stories:

PeaceTrain from Bankstown to Cronulla, 25 Novemebr 2006

Boat-People: since their first projection onto the Sydney Opera House in October 2001, Boat-People’s work exists online and in public spaces, but the crew has exhibits in gallery spaces and works with institutions. or

Online ‘UnAustralian’ show:

More Than Bricks and Mortar Minto: a case study, 2007

NYU Exhibition: Exquisite Crisis & Encounters, 2007, on the vestiges and ramifications of the civil unrest in Los Angeles following the not-guilty verdict in the Rodney King murder in 1992.

Borderland ejournal Suvendrini Perera Race Terror, Sydney, December 2005

Public Housing news and information: subscribe to Garry Mallard’s national Tenant Support Network

Aboriginal Housing Company (The Block, Redfern)

AHURI (Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute): specialising in housing and urban research and policy.

Department of Housing NSW, Living Communities Project

Inquiry into Macquarie Fields Public Disturbance

ABC Radio National Social History Unit

Remaking Multicultural Australia

Research Institute on International Activism

The curator thanks the artists and Lynn and Geoff Turnbull, REDWatch, Stacey Miers, Peter Butler & MacFields RAG, Squatspace (especially Lucas Ihlein and Diego Bonetto), Barry Keldoulis and Sally Brand, GBK Gallery, Michele Asprey, Melissa Johnston, Boomalli, Ace Bourke, Hetti Perkins, Anne Kay, Lisa Kelly & Josie Cavallaro, Catriona Moore, Neil Towart, Jack Mundey, Susan Charleton, Dubbo Daily Liberal for its excellent reportage.

Local Related Exhibitions
It’s a new day, Artspace, 2006; Art, Activism & Environment, Campbelltown Arts Centre, March-April 2007; If you see something, say something, Mori Gallery, Gallery 4A, Chrissie Cotter, January 2007; Green Bans exhibition material from We love the Loo: Commemoration of the Saving of Woolloomooloo from Development, co-curated by Paul True, CFMEU and Neil Towart, Mary McDonald Community Centre, The Loo, 2006. Event concept and realisation Jeanette Ravet; Remembering Minto, display in Minto Community Library, curator Cathy Shepherd, 17 May 2007.