Talks by Andrew Andersons, architect focusing on cultural spaces, PTW Architects; Jane Burns, founding director of Crafts

Council of Australia 1972 to 1992; George Alexander, writer, public programs Art Gallery of NSW.

Details: The Cross Art Projects on Saturday 9 Sept 2006 at 3pm.

Tribute Writings

Reflections on the work of Margaret Grafton are welcome. Contact Jo Holder.

Read 'A Few Memories of Margaret' by Ross Longmuir, furniture designer and director of Planet, Surry Hills. > Download pdf

Read Margaret Grafton writes by Daniel Grafton. > Download pdf

By Margaret Grafton

Read Margaret Grafton, 'Magic to Metaphor: From Empire to Philosophy, the Travesty of the Woven Textile', New Literatures Review (Wollongong, NSW), no.36, Winter 2000, 93-104. Download pdf



Read about Margaret Grafton by Jo Holder. > Download pdf
Read Margaret Grafton Selected Biography, including list of public commissions. > Download pdf
Coinciding with the exhibition The Textile Art Collection of the NSW Parliament, 2006. Curator Diane Groenewegen.


Richard Perram, director Bathurst Regional Art Gallery; Amanda Lawson, former director Bathurst Regional Art Gallery; Grace Cochrane; Jane Burns; Andrew Andersons; George Alexander; and Ruark Lewis.