Saturday 27th November, 4pm


Jacqueline Millner, art writer, in conversation with Chris Dean and the artists Elizabeth Day, Judith Duquemin, Kate Mackay, Fiona MacDonald, Elizabeth Pulie, Jacqueline Rose and Justin Trendall.


Jacqueline Millner discusses the range of visual experiments that connect craft techniques to the practices of conceptual art, painting, photography, drawing and sculpture represented in Christopher Dean’s Conceptual Crochet. These artists harness critical forces as well as the heightened levels of aesthetic and formal innovation often found in crafts. Have craft, camp and feminist historical lineages overcome disenfranchisement? Is a new direction in contemporary art rising from these experiments?

Jacqueline Millner is an art writer with an interest in aesthetics and theories of beauty. She teaches at School of Communication, Design and Media, University of Western Sydney.

Conceptual Crotchet exhibition catalogue with essay by Christopher Dean, The Cross Art Projects, 2004. (B&W, A4, 2pp.)
Available at Cross Books: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..