Exhibition catalogues, reviews, invitations


2021/12 - RISE: Yolngu considerations of climate change + sea level rise, E-Publication > Download as pdf

2021/12 - Ishmael Marika, Artist Statement > Download as pdf

2021/11 - Connectedness1. The Cross Art Projects 2003-2021 > Download as pdf

2021/07 - Dhomala Dhäwu, E-Publication > Download as pdf


2018/12 - House of Representatives Standing Committee, The Committee has published its Report on the impact of inauthentic art and craft in the style of First Nations peoples.

2018/12 - Professor Jon Altman, submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee

2018/09 - Opening Talk Notes by Rachel Kent, Abuzz - Drawings and collages by Jacqueline Rose with text by Johanna Featherstone. The Cross Art Projects, September 2018

2018/09 - The Choreography of Line: Jacqueline Rose’s ‘Abuzz’, exhibition review by James Paull

2018/09 - Abuzz - Drawings and collages by Jacqueline Rose with text by Johanna Featherstone: combine the voices of drawing and poetry.

2018/08 - Arts Backbone, ‘Cultural Legacy Edition’, published by ANKA Darwin

2018/07 - Peggy Griffiths & Jan Griffiths | Counter Forces: Fire and Water, Exhibition press kit published by The Cross Art Projects

2018/06 - A Widening Gap: The Intervention, 10 Years On by JoHolder and Djon Mundine. Exhibition catalogue published by The Cross Art Projects and Counihan Gallery

2018/05 - Review of Open Cut exhibition by Kate Leah Rendell in Un Magazine, 12.1, Melbourne or Download as pdf

2018/03 - Obsolete? Artist, Object, Small Museum. Artists Nicole Barakat, Aleshia Lonsdale and Fiona MacDonald with Lyndall Ryan,  exhibition catalogue, Western Plains Cultural Centre. 24 March to 17 June 2018

2018/03 - 30 March, The Conversation, “In Open Cut exhibition, protest art challenges visitors to Take action”, By Kirrily Jordan, Research Fellow, Australian National University


2017/09 - Jacqueline Gribbin interview on her 'Dear Gilbert' project in Imprint Magazine published by Print Council of Australia (PCA) at http://imprint.org.au/printmaking/qa-jacqueline-gribbin/

2017/08 - ANKA Arts Backbone, 30th anniversary double issue, Vol 16, Issue 2 and Vol 17, issue 3, August.

2017/08 - Heritage: The narrative of a city by Rebecca Gross

2017/07 - Publication: Land Rights News, Northern Edition July 2017, On the 10 Year Intervention (includes articles by Pat Dodson, Jon Altman, Thalia Anthony).

2017/07 - CLC newsletter, July 2017 on Uluru statement.

2017/07 - Unravelling Our Past: Four Exhibitions to See in July. Probing history to pose important questions about Australia's future by Sammy Preston

2017/07 - Jon Altman, ‘The Destruction of Homelander Life-ways’, Arena Magazine, The Intervention Feature, no 148.

2017/06 - Glencore mine's 'deal' with Indigenous owners called into question, documents reveal

2017/06 - Joanna Mendelssohn, Celebrating the Feminist Holden, The Conversation.

2017/06 - Indigenous Australian Corporation Accused of Censoring Aboriginal Artists by Crystal Wu

2017/06 - Susan Charlton, Feminism & Film program, Sydney Film Festival, 2017. Full program of screenings and talks.

2017/03 - Jacqueline Gribbin, Dear Gilbert,…. ' (Song for the Ichthyologist), exhibition catalogue, Nomad Art, Darwin.

2017/03 - water objects – echoes: Louise Boscacci and Toni Warburton

2017/02 - Jennifer Sanders, A: The Case Against: The NSW Government’s Plan to Move the Powerhouse Museum to Parramatta. B: The Case for: A Distinctive, New ‘Cultural Beacon’ in Parramatta. Powerhouse Museum Alliance Update 1st February 2017. See also Powerhouse Museum Alliance’s site: https://powerhousemuseumalliance.com/find-out-more/a-news-chronology/

2017/01 - Chips Mackinolty, ‘La ricchizza di la terra’, Arena, no 145, December 2016 / January 2017.



2016/12 - Matt Poll, Written in Stone, 2016, exhibition catalogue, Macleay Museum, Sydney University.

2016/07 - crosseXions, Beth Jackson, curator's essay

2016/06 - 2016, Winter: ‘Textiles from Merrepen Arts’ by Anne-Marie Van De Ven, MAAS Magazine, Winter 2016. On new acquisitions from Following Lines: Art and Ecology from Merrepen. Curator Marie Falcinella, The Cross Art Projects, 2015.

2016/06 - Raquel Ormella Opening Speech by Vanessa Berry

2016/05 - Chips Mackinolty by Anita Angel, Imprint, vol. 51, no. 2, 2016

2016/05 - Future Feminist Archive Report: Jan Davis and Leonie Lane Working with Southern Cross University Library Artists’ Book Collection, Lismore Campus

2016/04 - Future Feminist Archive Residency Report: Brown Council at the Art Gallery of New South Wales by Jacqueline Millner

2016/04 - Future Feminist Archive Residency Report: Fiona MacDonald's Full Flight Archive Project, Catriona Moore and Fiona MacDonald in conversation

2016/04 - Future Feminist Archive Residency Report: Lynette Riley, Pearl Gibbs ‘Gambanyi’ Kangaroo Cloak, 2016

2016/04 - Tracey Callinan, Notes for Feminist Archive about Arts OutWest (AOW), 2015

2016/03 - Jan Davis and Leonie Lane, Intersecting Archives from the Southern Cross University Collection, 8 March 2016. Publisher Southern Cross University Library, Lismore.

2016/01 - Review. Alex Martinis Roe, It was an unusual way of doing politics: there were friendships, love, gossip, tears, flowers ..., Benison Kilby, eyeline, Number 84, 2016, p 92



2015/12 - Les Tricoteuses: The plain and purl of solidarity and protest [On the Knitting Nannas], 2015

2015/12 - Future Feminist Archive Report: Alison Alder working with KCC Women's Auxiliary and University of Wollongong Archive

2015/12 - Patriotism, patriarchy and politics, 2015 feminism in context, Chloé Wolifson Art Monthly Australia, Issue 286, Summer 2015/16, pp 68-72

2015/11 - Jacqueline Millner, Catriona Moore & Georgina Cole (2015) Art and Feminism: Twenty-First Century Perspectives, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art, 15:2, 143-149.

2015/11 - Following lines: Art and Ecology from Merrepen Arts by Marie Falcinella

2015/08 - Cate Massola, of Ground Up: Community Support Network launches the catalogue Mabel Juli, Jiregewoorrarrem — All kinds of birds

2015/08 - ANKAAA Arts Backbone Volume 15: Issue 1, August 2015

2015/07 - Margaret Smith, Notes for Feminist Archive about Arts OutWest foundation, 2015

2015/07 - Land Rights News - Northern Edition July 2015, p1, p8 & p9

2015/06 - Mother to Daughter: On Art and Caring for Homelands, Sydney Morning Herald, June 6 2015

2015/06 - 'Elastic Cultural Activism' by Jo Holder, first published in Imprint Winter 2015 Vol 50 No 2.

2015/04 - An unusual way of doing politics: Alex Martinis Roe by Macushla Robinson

2015/03 - Future Feminist Archive Programme

2015/02 - Jack Green, Beyond Dot Paintings, illustrated feature by Amy Quire, New Matilda on line.



2014/12 - ANKAAA Arts Backbone Volume 14: Issue 2, December 2014

2014/11 - Tenant News, Tenants Union, November 2014

2014/10 - Ngali-Ngalim-Boorroo (for the women), extract from Curating Feminism, A Contemporary Art and Feminism Event

2014/10 - Curating Feminism, A Contemporary Art and Feminism Event, Presented by SCA, SLAM & the Power Institute, University of Sydney

2014/09 - Elastics / Borracha / Elástico: Mobile Residency, Victor De Sousa, Narelle Jubelin, Fiona MacDonald, Maria Madeira, Joined by Veronica Pereira Maia, Invite

2014/02 - Rainforest ID, Napolean Oui, Spectrum Sydney Morning Herald



2013/12 - ANKAAA Arts Backbone Volume 13: Issue 2, December/January

2013/11 - Toni Warburton, Coal clay water wood, The Stuttering Frog

2013/11 - What Lies Beneath, Gouburn Regional Art Gallery Invite

2013/11 - The Age of Consent, The Stuttering Frog: The Williams River Valley Artists' Project News # 2

2013/11 - Kittey Malarvie and Karen Mills: Conversations and Connection, The Cross Art Projects Invite
2013/11 - Changing Climate in Gija Country, Jadagen Warnken Barnden, Goulburn Regional Art Gallery Invite

2013/10 - At the Big Fag, John Demos, The Cross Art Projects

2013/09 - Novel Ecologies, Robert Zhao Renhui/The Institute of Critical Zoologists, The Cross Art Projects

2013/08 - ANKAAA Arts Backbone Volume 13: Issue 1, August

2013/07 - Social Fabric: Banners from the Northern Territory 2013-2013, Chips Mackinolty

2013/06 - Jadagen –  Warnkan –  Barnden – Wet Time –  Cold Time –  Hot Time. Changing Climate in Gija Country (2013)

2013/06 - Incompatible Elements, Version 02, Starrs and Cmielewski

2013/05 - Ghost Citizens Art Guide

2013/03 - Through the Cracks: The Emergence of Kittey Malarvie, Maurice O'Riordan, Art Monthly Australia



2012/10 - ANKAAA: Big Family, The Cross Art Projects Invite

2012/09 - String Theory, Karen Mills

2012/08 - Whistling Woman and Crowing Hen, recitation, Deborah Kelly

2012/08 - Feminage. The logic of feminist collage, Poster

2012/08 - ANKAAA Arts Backbone Volume 12: Issue 1, August

2012/06 - To the person who said feminism is over as though she was right, Art Monthly Australia June 2012, pp34-38. Virginia Fraser

2012/06 - Shoot for the Head, Art Monthly, Ian Milliss

2012/04 - Yolnuw Makarr Dhuni (Yolngu Nations Assembly), Djirrkaymirr Rev. Dr. Djiniyini Gondarra

2012/03 - Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory Bill 2011, Community Affairs Legislation Committee

2012/03 - Barayuwa Mununggurr's Yarrinya Paintings, Bengitj Ngurruwuthun, Yirkalla

2012/01 - Art Up for Grabs, Mini Graff, Imprint Volume 47 



2011/09 - Louise Mayhew, Jill Posters Will Be Prosecuted: Australia’s women-only print collectives from the 1970s and 1980s.

2011/08 - Green Bans Art Walks, Documentary Film by Justin Hewitson.

2011/08 - Green Bans Art Walk: 40 Years of Community and Union Action

2011/08 - Green Bans Anniversary Looks to the Future, City News, p1 & p10

2011/05 - Adam Hill: Not a proppa Aborigine, Djon Mundine, Art Monthly Australia

2011/04 - Twinned and Twined: Karen Mills and Robyn Djunginy, Stella Gray, Art Monthly Australia

2011/04 - Only from the Heart Can You Touch the Sky, RMIT Gallery Invite

2011/03 - The Force of Forgetting, Khadim Ali, Lismore Regional Gallery Invite

2011/03 - The Force of Forgetting, Ali Baba Aurang, Sher Ali Hussainy, Sahraa Karimi and Khadim Ali, Lismore Regional Gallery

2011/01 - Forty Years of Green Bans Poster



2010/10 - Urban Pioneers: Apartment Architects of Kings Cross Walk No 1, Claud Hamilton Map

2010/10 - Space Invaders, Mini Graff Interview by Jacklyn Babington, NGA

2010/08 - More than Honeyed Words, Jo Holder, Arts Backbone Volume 11 Issue 2

2010/03 - The heart that has no love/pain/generosity is not a heart, Jayce Salloum/Khadim Ali

2010/03 - Local Studies: Legend and Legacy, Fiona MacDonald

2010/01 - Constant Oscillation, Maria Cruz, Eyeline Issue 71, pp. 80-82



2009/12 - Local Studies: Legend and Legacy, Fiona MacDonald, Artspace Mackay

2009/12 - Homelands, Mulkun Wirrpanda and Barrupu Yunupingu, The Cross Art Projects

2009/10 - Oo (yes): selected paintings & projects by Maria Cruz, 1996-2009, UTS Gallery Invite Maria Cruz email invitation

2009/10 - Oo (yes): selected paintings & projects by Maria Cruz, 1996-2009, UTS Gallery

2009/02 - Housing the Seafaring Nation, Ruark Lewis, Abraham Mott Hall Invite



2007/08 - Undermining Rivers, The Cross Art Projects Flier

2007/07 - Undermining Rivers: Sydney's Drinking Water Endangered by Longwall Coal Mining, XAP Brochure



2006/08 - Margaret Grafton, Daniel Grafton

2006/08 - A Few Memories of Margaret, Ross Longmuir

2006/05 - May Day: Unite Mobilise Fight, Poster

2006/05 - May Day: The Return of Art and Politics in the 21st Century, The Cross Art Projects

2006/03 - Cross City Tunnel, Paul Ashton



2005/11 - The Art of Two Brothers: A Tribute to Bob Wanur Namundja and Don Nakadilinj Namundja, XAP Brochure

2005/11 - Strangely Familiar, Fiona Hall and Fiona MacDonald, UTS Gallery



2004/10 - Vivienne Dadour: 'Invisible Realm'. Curated by Elizabeth Ashburn, Exhibition catalogue 

2004/08 - Ian MacNeill, Another way to be, Realtime, issue 62, 2004

2004/09 - ON-NEON in Kings Cross, an exhibition and roundtable. Save KX Neon Flier

2004/01 - The Redfern-Waterloo Authority: Sydney’s Continuing Use of Development Corporations as a Primary Mode Of Urban Governance, Glen Searle  



2000/06 - Magic to Metaphor: From Empire to Philosophy, the Travesty of the Woven Textile, Margaret Grafton

2000/06 -'History? You Must Be Joking’, Dr Shirley Fitzgerald, 5th Annual Lecture of the History Council of NSW, Government House


1999/01 - Howard Morphy, ‘Manggalili and the Promised Land’ in Painting the Land Story, 1999, ed., Luke Taylor, exhibition catalogue, National Museum of Australia.


1996/05 - Civil Disobedience and Tobacco Control: The Case of Buga Up, Simon Chapman